As with any candidate running for public office, it is important that citizens know their background.  Here is some information on my background and experiences.

– Married for over 38 years to wife Cindy who is a pharmacist working at Ft. Campbell.

– Two daughters; Christina who is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy; Catie who we lost in 2007 at the age of 16 after fighting cancer for almost four years.  My wife and I sponsor several $1,000 scholarships (Catie Summers Memorial College Scholarship) every year for students who have battled cancer in their young lives and attended and graduate from the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System.

– As of March 2018 Cindy and I became first time grandparents with a beautiful granddaughter added to our family.

– We have had family and relatives living and working in Clarksville for a long time.  A grandfather who was a 1923 graduate of Clarksville High, a great grandmother who ran a boarding house in what was the former home of the first mayor of Clarksville back in very early 1900s on what is now Strawberry Alley.  Our ancestry has also traced family connections to the settling of Montgomery County with the Renfroe party (Renfroe’s Station)

– Fishing, boating, softball, bowling, yard work, community programs and family

– Bachelors degree in Industrial Management from the University of Tennessee

– Masters degree in Management from Webster University

– Former Senior Member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers

Employment Background
– Retired Industrial Management/Engineering Air Force officer (retired 1994 to Clarksville)

– Self-employed Industrial Engineering consultant working by contract with an Industrial Engineering Consultant firm that provided services to colleges and universities around the country

– Management and Technology consultant to the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

– Currently retired and volunteering to work on state military veterans and family legislative issues with the state legislature and the Clarksville-Montgomery Crime Stoppers Program

Political Experience
– Won election as Ward 10 councilman in 2006 defeating an experienced incumbent.  Took office in 2007.

– Won re-election in 2010 defeating two opponents by taking over 81% of the vote.

– A mayoral candidate in 2014

Served as chairman and/or council member of the following city government committees:
Housing & Community Development, Finance and Administration, Gas & Water, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, Street, Madison Street Overlay Review, Clarksville City Charter Rewrite (worked on every attempted version)

Served or serving as city representative and/or member to the following organizations:
Customs House Museum and Cultural Center, Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Action Agency, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, Chamber of Commerce

Community Achievements

– 2017 Military Officers Association of America Leadership Award

– 2009 William O. Beach Citizen of the Year Award

– 2007 Leadership Clarksville graduate

– 2005 Outstanding Communicator Award from the National School Public Relations Association as part of a volunteer team to provide information to parents on education in Clarksville-Montgomery County

– Selected as the 2005 Clarksville and Rossview High Schools’ “Friend of Education”

– Selected as the 2005 Clarksville-Montgomery County School System “Friend of Education” in the High School Division

Other Community Involvement
– Over 4,000 volunteer hours donated to the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

– Coached five years in the Clarksville National Girls Softball League

– Community member for city landscape ordinance development

– Community member for Storm Water Management development committee

– Community member for studying and reformulating city property development codes

– Community representative that approached city and state for stoplights at Exit 11 (started in 2000).  Worked this project several times after being elected to the council and results were finally attained with state funding in 2012.

– Current legislative liaison for the Military Officers Association of America, Ft Campbell Chapter

– Current Vice-Chairman for the Clarksville-Montgomery County Crime Stoppers