Abundant Life Outreach Center Mayoral Forum

On September 16th, Bill participated in the Community Mayoral Forum hosted by the Abundant Life Outreach Center.

Part one of the forum is below for you to listen to. All three mayoral candidates were given an opportunity to answer these questions in part one.

  • Q1: What top are the three efforts during your tenure in public office that you are most proud of?
  • Q2: What experience besides public office that makes you the best candidate to run this city?
  • Q3: In your first year of office, what would you like to accomplish?
  • Q4: What would you say the next most important project is in regards to quality of life?
  • Q5: What is your position on a consolidated government?

As you listen to the forum, you’ll notice a stark difference between the three candidates:

Candidate one:
A candidate whose idea of “moving forward” is remaining stagnate and making little to no progress. A candidate who believes her Nashville based connections are the cure all to Clarksville’s issues. A candidate who claims to have four balanced budgets, but has in fact borrowed money to balance budgets four years in a row

Candidate two:
A candidate who is most proud of the fact that his mobile phone number is posted online. A candidate who believes Clarksville is nothing “but a large business” – not a home to more than 100,000 citizens. A candidate who has no problem complaining about the current state of the city, but has no specific, unique vision or plan to change the tide.

Candidate three:
A candidate who has actually asked the hard questions on behalf of the citizens of Clarksville. A candidate who has a record of putting the interests of the city above political or personal profitable interests. A candidate who believes our citizens’ quality of life should not be jeopardized, halted, or slowed because of political interests.

After listening to the three candidates answer the same questions on the future of Clarksville, there is only one clear choice. Bill Summers is the only candidate who has outlined his specific and unique plan for Clarksville. Bill Summers is the only candidate who has the proven leadership record to lead the city. Bill Summers is the only candidate who has no vested interests other than the well-being of citizens and the efficiencies of the city.

Bill Summers is the only choice for the next mayor of Clarksville.

Join us in supporting #Summers4Mayor with a small dollar donation or volunteering at an event today.

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