Summers is Clear Choice for Mayor

Monday, October 6th, 2014 @ 7:34PM

Bill recently participated in the Leadership Clarksville/Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce Forum.

Please take some time to watch this important exchange of ideas and ask yourself:

  • Which candidate talks about a vision for City of Clarksville?
  • Which candidate uses the same old tired phrase of “moving forward” without identifying specifics?
  • Which candidate, when asked about his own vision, defaults to Bill Summers’ platform, as laid-out on his website since Nov, 2013?

And, then ask yourself this:

  • Which candidate is tied to special political interests because they have made politics a career?
  • Which candidate has a hard time simply explaining the issues?
  • Which candidate isn’t tied to special interests, clearly outlines his vision and doesn’t talk in political “double speak?”


We think you’ll see that, with Bill Summers, there IS the clear choice in the upcoming mayor’s race.

Thoughtful, Effective Leadership…
that’s Bill Summers!

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