A Response to The Leaf Chronicle Editorial

Thursday, September 25th, 2014 @ 4:10PM

In November 2013, when Bill Summers announced his bid for the next Mayor of Clarksville, he introduced his vision for the city of Clarksville and reinforced his commitment to strategic planning as the only way Clarksville can set a solid foundation for its future.


It is a good sign to see the public, including The Leaf Chronicle, talking about long-term planning for the future of Clarksville and realizing its vital importance.

Wealthy developer Burkhart and career politician McMillan refuse to prepare for Clarksville’s future


The Leaf Chronicle said in an editorial on Sept. 20 that it’s “not likely” anyone in City Leadership has the courage to address the current population and development situation in Clarksville.

With all due respect, we have a different opinion.


Bill Summers has the courage, the leadership, and the strategy needed to plan for Clarksville’s growth.


For example, Bill initiated the installation of additional red lights at the Exit 11 area. He started this project before he ran for City Council and, after partnering with city officials, saw the project come to fruition.

Bill Summers has courage, leadership, and the strategy needed

The concept of strategic planning may be forsaken due to personal political agendas but the principals are straightforward.


Strategic planning requires a clear vision of the near (3-5 years ahead), intermediate (5-10 years) and long term (10 to 20+ years) future. Strong leadership, partnered with a specific plan, can remedy current infrastructure needs while simultaneously planning for the future.


While other candidates, including wealthy developer Jeff Burkhart and career politician Kim McMillan, refuse to prepare for Clarksville’s future, Bill Summers recognizes that planning cannot continue to begin and end with the development of the yearly city budget.


In order to ensure the quality of life for the citizens of Clarksville, a strong leader, with a distinct vision for the city of Clarksville, must lead the way.


The clear choice to lead Clarksville into the future is Bill Summers.


Original article: The Leaf Chronicle Editorial; September 20th, 2014

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