The Overriding Issue of this Campaign – LEADERSHIP

Thursday, August 21st, 2014 @ 6:19PM

The one critical issue that supersedes all others in this election will be LEADERSHIP. It will be the style, traits and methods of leadership that will determine the direction that Clarksville takes in managing its growth and infrastructure needs and providing for economic and quality of life opportunities. Clarksville cannot prosper under a myopic approach that believes surviving a yearly budget or politically spinning one’s way through one four-year term is demonstrating leadership.

Bill’s years of educational study and practical use of leadership skills has resulted in his recognition and success at various endeavors. His brand of leadership resulted in unit and personal awards during his military career. His civilian consulting work consisted of identifying and correcting the leadership, management and operations issues that hampered organizations from being efficient and effective. His effort to work within the Clarksville community to provide leadership and help has resulted in additional personal and organization awards.

Bill has also demonstrated leadership to identify and succeed in working the issues of City Council Ward 10 and Clarksville. His manner and approach to identifying and working issues with constituents, city department heads and employees provides results. His constituents solidly recognized his abilities and leadership in the 2010 when they re-elected him with over 81% of the vote.

Bill’s successful leadership approach and methodology has the following elements:

  • Imagination – have a clear vision of success
  • Innovation – create the path to reach the vision
  • Communication – explain the vision, why it is needed and seek input
  • Implementation – take action to accomplish the vision and communicate
  • Motivation – lead by example not by “photo op”
  • Evaluation – make adjustments and be open to change

With Bill’s leadership approach the other major issues that face Clarksville can be properly addressed. Those issues are:

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