Let the Citizens Speak

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 @ 7:54AM

Bill Summers is in favor of a Home Rule Charter for Clarksville.

Very simply stated, a Charter is a document that brings a city into existence and outlines its governmental structure and powers.

At present, the City of Clarksville operates under a Private Act Charter, which requires a vote of the Tennessee General Assembly to approve the Charter
and any subsequent changes.

A Home Rule Charter allows the local government to design and change their Charter and gives the voting citizens the right to approve it – without approval from the Tennessee General Assembly.

Bill Summers favors a Home Rule Charter that:

  • Gives the citizens of Clarksville the right to vote changes to THEIR Charter by referendum.
  • Enables the CITIZENS to define, determine and establish the separation of executive and legislative powers between the Office of Mayor and the City Council.
  • Eliminates the need for approval from the Tennessee General Assembly for adoption and/or changes.

As one of the five largest cities in Tennessee, only Clarksville retains a Private Act Charter that requires state legislative approval for changes.

On January 8, 2012, Bill Summers submitted a proposal for the full council to study and formulate a Home Rule Charter to Mayor McMillan, since repeated efforts to completely or partially update the 50+ year-old Charter had failed. Mayor McMillan did not provide the courtesy or even acknowledging the request. Instead she chose to lead another failed attempt to update the Charter that tried to retain old mayoral powers to manipulate the legislative processes of the City Council.

Bill believes the citizens of Clarksville deserve the right to control their own destiny by directly voting on the city charter and its changes. It is democracy in its purest form.


As your Mayor, Bill Summers will go the extra mile to educate the citizens of Clarksville about their Charter and the changes needed and then…Let the Citizens Speak.

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