The Fire Station at Exit 1

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014 @ 6:54PM

Mayor McMillan’s budget would remove about 66% of the funding for a much needed Fire Station in the Exit 1 area (“Station 11”) and transfers that amount to build a Fire Station near Exit 8 (“Station 12”).   Station 11’s completion would be on indefinite hold. 




  • Fire Station 11 has been a Fire Department priority for several years.
  • I introduced a budget amendment to fund both the long promised Station 11 AND Station 12 for our new industrial business, Hankook Tire.
  • In 2013, a landowner in the Exit 1 area notified the city that he would donate land for Station 11.
  • Mayor McMillan spent/redirected the money for the land for Station 11 before getting clear title to the donated land.
  • Councilman and developer Jeff Burkhart, who has not supported the Station 11 need, suggested spending another $1.5+ million sometime in the future to move existing Station 9 from one side of Exit 4 and Interstate 24 to the other side as the solution to the Exit 1 need.   The Fire Chief stated this would not fix the response time issue.
  • When questioned further about Station 11, the Mayor now states there are some issues with the land that has been donated, but she refused to elaborate.
  • When questioned, the Mayor states she has NO timelines, deadlines or even projections to show how or when things are, according to her…“moving forward.”
  • The McMillan administration openly admits it plans and budgets in only 12 month increments. 
  • I’m not going to give up until this public safety issue is resolved for the citizens living in the Exit 1 area




Being able to adjust to accomplish changing and needed priorities, to prepare timelines and deadlines and plan further than 12 months into the future at a time are the prerequisites needed to lead our city.


After four years in office, this mayor’s concept of “moving forward” never seems to arrive at a destination called “completion.”

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