Thank You SUMMERS4MAYOR Volunteers

Saturday, November 1st, 2014 @ 10:43PM

For the past ten months, Team #Summers4Mayor has supported Bill’s vision for Clarksville and worked incredibly hard to share his plan for the city with everyone they know. Since the beginning of August, they have sacrificed their Saturday mornings to hit the pavement and have delivered more than 10,000 pieces of campaign literature to homes in every ward in the city. Today, we are honored that these volunteers spent their Saturday morning waving at different intersections throughout the city – in the freezing cold. This campaign would not have been successful without the support of Team #Summers4Mayor. They are dedicated, not only to Bill’s vision for Clarksville, but to the future of the city altogether.

Below is a letter from one of our dedicated volunteers. She has offered to let us share this letter with you after one of Bill’s opponent ridiculed the work of Team #Summers4Mayor.

Waving Has Merit
Okay. It was near freezing this morning when several of us went out to “wave.” The sky was overcast and the wind fairly blew the signs from our cold fingers… but it was a great adventure.

A first time adventure. Who knew that, as political phobic as I am, I would be pounding the pavement, blowing up balloons, and “waving” to motorists on a cold Saturday morning. Certainly not me. But, as I think what I would say to any previous student who called me on my actions, it would be somewhere in the ballpark of, “knowing what you know about my dislike of politicians, how great this man must be for me to want to do this!”

I can’t take credit for his decision to run for mayor, but I hope it may be said that I contributed my voice to others, who urged this action. He is a non-political man. Straight forward. Transparent. Responsible. Worthy. Credible. Dependable. How noble to envision the character of a man who will bring dignity and foresight to our community.

So, this is what I learned while “waving” this morning. There is a lot of money riding around on four wheels in this community. (A few Beemers, a Jag, a Benz. Cadillacs, SUVs, and most other models which were new!) There are more than a few hunkin’ big diesel pick up trucks. There are Bill supporters in great numbers. People honked, they waved. And, believe it or not, the driver of a truck with a huge sign for one of the opponents… waved! There were only one or two rude people who, it might be said, represent the under belly of politics.

There are two more opportunities to “wave”, and I look forward to them both. Beyond that, I look forward to a celebration party and rubbing elbows with the new mayor-elect. That he has been a friend for over 20 years makes it all that sweeter… and the “waving” makes public my voice and brings merit to the electoral process.

Jan Thompson
Summers4Mayor supporter
November 1, 2014

The waving of a sign is simply the right of freedom of speech as guaranteed by the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. If you believe it’s distracting, it’s your right to disagree and we respect that. Now, let’s stop this and get back to the issues facing the future of Clarksville and let’s look at which candidate has clearly outlined their vision. That candidate is Bill Summers!
Please read below and share with your friends.

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