An Attack on My Integrity

Friday, October 17th, 2014 @ 4:44PM

Integrity is a word that is thrown around lightly by many people…and frankly it’s a shame.

I would like to point out some facts about Jeff Burkhart’s recent tirade about MY integrity, though his attacks are personal in nature and don’t address any issue facing the citizens of Clarksville:

He did build my home
FACT: I had so many issues with the construction of my home that I called his partner at that time, and heavily considered legal action to force corrections.

He claimed that I was released from my job with the School System
FACT: I was never an employee of CMCSS. I was a technology consultant working on 12-month contracts. In 2010, after years of contract renewals CMCSS had to make drastic budget cuts. My contract renewal was a casualty of the cuts, yet I’m certain that the people at the School System will vouch for me to this day. Unlike my opponent, I wasn’t fired by the City of Clarksville for insubordination and cost the taxpayers $52,000 in legal fees to defend the lawsuit that he brought against the City, which he lost initially and on appeal.

He claimed that I am “unemployed”
FACT: This is true. I am not presently under contract. I retired comfortably in 2010. But more to the point, this is the second time that my opponent has referred to me as being “unemployed.” As the only retired veteran in the race for Mayor, I take great offense at the accusation that retired veterans are simply “unemployed.”

He questions my educational qualifications and if I am a 'licensed engineer'
FACT: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management, with core and elective work in Industrial Engineering. I also have a Master’s Degree. My education, training and experience qualified me for membership in the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), a professional society. I have never claimed to be a licensed Industrial Engineer on any campaign material or otherwise. But, I’ll put my educational background against my opponent’s any day.

I could go on and on about the remainder of Jeff Burkhart’s rant, including the fact that I actually agree 100% with him that “… the current administration’s support of Nashville companies is not in the best interest of Clarksville.” However, I had rather talk about the issues that affect the citizens of Clarksville.

In closing, I stand by my position that Jeff Burkhart AND Kim McMillan left the taxpayer with the cost of fixing a major issue and that, if elected, I will develop a program to address the continuous flooding issues that some of our citizens face and find a solution.

Now, let’s talk about the issues …

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