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Mayoral Annoucement

As of May 29th, I am officially a candidate for Clarksville City Mayor. I made this decision for no other reason than to serve the community my wife and I call home. We have considerable family history in Clarksville, a grandfather that graduated from Clarksville High in 1923 and two daughters who also attended Clarksville High 80 years later. We had a great-grandmother who ran a boarding house in what had been the first Mayor of Clarksville’s home on what is now Strawberry Alley. Family roots go all the way back to the founding of Clarksville-Montgomery County at Renfro Station.


I have been continually involved in community activities since retiring to Clarksville in 1994 from the Air Force. This involvement has caused me to develop concerns on how the community is growing, but not addressing issues and challenges it faces. Addressing those concerns is what led me to become a city councilman for eight years and now leads me to run for Mayor in 2018.


During the past four years the continued lack of a coherent vision for our city, poor budgetary decisions aimed at just getting by for another 12-months, multiple property tax increase efforts, spending money on projects with no plans to completing them, failure to address infrastructure needs, and expanded strife and fights that now go beyond the city council itself and extend to interactions with county government have enabled citizens to realize a change is needed in city leadership. Many people have encouraged me to run for mayor.  As I did with my military and city council service, I will answer the call to serve.


Therefore, I ask for your support and vote this November to become your next city mayor. Look at the vision and proposals I’ll present for your review in the weeks and months ahead.

Together, I know WE can make a better Clarksville.