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The Overriding Issue of this Campaign – LEADERSHIP

LEADERSHIP is the central issue of this election. A recent media “Editorial Opinion” piece inferred that the current city leadership operates more as a “monarchy”, with little to no time spent on communications and consensus building, but expecting the council to “rubber-stamp” her proposals. This type of interaction with duly elected council members, who represent constituents too, has caused serious riffs almost from the start of this administration’s time in office.


The media and supporters of Mrs. McMillan often spin this raucous interaction as personal politics of a few, always looking to stop progress. They ignore council members being continually expected to support her actions but rarely given the information on a plan including timetables to complete, costs involved and funding sources. The council is upset that this mode of leadership is what has put the city into a financial bind and led to Mrs. McMillan’s fix……property tax increases….. twice in four years.


It is overlooked that, when the council proposes something positive, Mrs. McMillan fights against it. This fighting has even expanded to interactions with the County Mayor and Commission when they have approached the city to work on mutual projects. The council has used its power to intercede and work with the county, thus placing Mrs. McMillan in the position of a figurehead only.


It is also overlooked that at least 21 different citizens have or are serving as elected council members since Mrs. McMillan’s tenure started. The infighting has only grown worse and even the working atmosphere and turnover in her office staff has been noted. The poor interactions and turmoil that have occurred within city government with 21 different council members, a County Mayor and County Commission have only one common denominator……….Mrs. McMillan. It is time for a leadership change!


I have years of educational study and practical use of leadership skills that have resulted in unit and personal awards during my military career. My military and civilian consulting work consisted of identifying and correcting the leadership, management and operations issues that hampered organizations from being efficient and effective. My leadership work within the Clarksville community and at the state legislature has resulted in additional personal recognition and organization awards. My work as a city councilman resulted in problems solved for constituents, city department heads and community businesses. My council work efforts were recognized in a re-election with over 81% of the vote.


I have trained most of my adult life to be a leader and make the team I work with better. These are the ingredients our city needs for its future. Together we can make a better Clarksville.